Features & Benefits

  • Cuts Through All Types of Food Faster & Easier
  • Unparalleled Cutting Speed
  • Ultra-Sharp Cutting Ability
  • Never Dulls - Built-In Sharpener
  • Durability to Last a Lifetime

Introducing EverBlade

The professional kitchen knife built from the finest German Steel with sharpness beyond compare. Balanced for unparalleled cutting speed with the durability to last a lifetime, EverBlade is so versatile it will replace all your other knives.

With EverBlade, preparing foods is faster and easier. Easily slice through a butternut squash or pineapple, delicately slice tomatoes. EverBlade never dulls because it comes with its own knife block with a built-in sharpener. Every time you take the EverBlade out of its holder, it is honed back to its original sharpness. That means every time you slice something with EverBlade, it’s as sharp as they day you got it!

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